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Units and Prefixes

Meters, Seconds, Kelvins, Candelas, Grams, Amperes, Moles, Watts, Hertz, Tons, Lumens, Cycles, Parsec, Pounds, Steres, Volts


Code Prefix Power
of 10
of 10
of 10
Googol 100 200 300 10100, Googolfold
Y Yotta 24 48 72 1024, Septillionfold
Z Zetta 21 42 63 1021, Sextillionfold
E Exa 18 36 54 1018, Quintillionfold
P Petra 15 30 45 1015, Quadrillionfold
T Tera 12 24 36 1012, Trillionfold
G Giga 9 18 27 1,000,000,000; Billionfold
M Mega 6 12 18 1,000,000; Millionfold
Myria 4 8 12 10,000, Ten Thousandfold
k Kilo 3 6 9 1000, Thousandfold
h Hecto 2 4 6 100, Hundredfold
da Deca 1 2 3 10, Tenfold
Nona 9, Ninefold
Octa 8, Eightfold
Septa 7, Sevenfold
Hexa 6, Sixfold
Quinte 5, Fivefold
Quadri 4, Fourfold
Tri 3, Threefold
Bi 2, Twofold
Uni 1, whole
Semi 1/2, half part
Tetarto 1/4, fourth part
d Deci -1 -2 -3 1/10, tenth part
c Centi -2 -4 -6 1/100, hundredth part
m Milli -3 -6 -9 1/1000, thousandth part
u Micro -6 -12 -18 10-6, millionth part
n Nano -9 -18 -27 10-9, billionth part
p Pico -12 -24 -36 10-12, trillionth part
f Femto -15 -30 -45 10-15, quadrillionth part
a Atto -18 -36 -54 10-18, quintillionth part
z Zepto -21 -42 -63 10-21, sextillionth part
y Yocto -24 -48 -72 10-24, septillionth part

How to Convert

To convert from basic unit of measure (eg: meter, liter, gram, in, mi, gal, etc.) to prefixed unit, multiply by its inverse power of 10. (eg: to get from answer in meters to anser in kilometers, multiply by 10 to the -3 power or 10-3.)

To convert from prefixed-unit to basic unit, multiply by 10 to its power (reverse of above, multiply by 10 to the 3rd power or 103to return to meters.

To go from one prefix to another (Mega to kilo), multiply by the difference of powers of 10 (former minus latter power of 10).

Mega = 106, kilo = 103, difference is 103 (use that figure to multiply with)

Centi = 10-2, kilo = 103, difference is 105 (multiply using this figure)

All units are converted to basic or common units before conversion takes place.

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