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Proposed New Digits For Base 12, 16, 20 Systems

For years, the decimal system has been adequate for many general purposes, but in the times where touch-tone telephones are the standard and digital modeming is the rage, phone numbers and area codes are being gobbled up at an alarming rate, simply because there are not enough digits to make up the different number combinations that comprise a seven-digit number for a given area code. Therefore, the solution is to simply add new digits and inplement them into dial-up modems and other dial-in devices that can easily accomodate the new digits. These new digits will not be used in regular telephones since the 10-digit layout is the standard. There's the 20-digit system called the vigesimal system. The 16-digit system is called the hexadecimal system. The 12-digit system is called the duodecimal system.
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