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You are at the section Fun With Math-Superpowerition: Inventing a Super Power Operation

Superpowerition: Inventing a Super Power Operation

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Fun With Math-Superpowerition: Inventing a Super Power Operation Main Page Introduction Comparing The Math Operators I Comparing The Math Operators II Using Numbers 3 and Higher 1 ✱ b a ✱ 1 a ✱ 0 0 ✱ b a ✱ -b -a ✱ b -a ✱ -b Formula Summary So Far integer a > 1 ✱ decimal b > 1 Expanding On The Idea
Fun With Math General Stuff All About The Numbers 2-D Addition Tables 2-D Multiplication Tables Division Tables with Remainders Powers and Roots of 2 and 3 n to the kth Power Perfect Right Angles Right Angle Addition Tables - 2D Factorials Triangulars Least Common Multiples Greatest Common Denominator Prime Numbers Factors of Each Number Prime Factors of Each Number Decimal to Hexadecimal Conversion Hexadecimal Addition Tables Hexadecimal Multiplication Tables Fractional Tables Superpowerition: A New Math Operation Online Math Calculators
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